Liphook United Annual Summer Tournament 2016

U07 Group Festival

Liphook United Annual Summer Tournament 2016

In accordance with Football Association
rules, results of the Under 7s Festival are
not published.

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Home TeamVAway TeamDateWhere When
Liphook JaguarsVEast Lodge Hurricanes29/05/2016Pitch 509:30
Haslemere YouthVHeadley Falcons29/05/2016Pitch 609:30
Headley HawksVChurt Juniors FC29/05/2016Pitch 509:42
ABGFC WhiteVBeacon Hill29/05/2016Pitch 609:42
Wey Valley WarriorsVLiphook Jaguars29/05/2016Pitch 509:54
East Lodge HurricanesVHaslemere Youth29/05/2016Pitch 609:54
Headley FalconsVHeadley Hawks29/05/2016Pitch 510:06
Churt Juniors FCVABGFC White29/05/2016Pitch 610:06
Beacon HillVWey Valley Warriors29/05/2016Pitch 510:18
Liphook JaguarsVHaslemere Youth29/05/2016Pitch 610:18
East Lodge HurricanesVHeadley Falcons29/05/2016Pitch 510:30
Headley HawksVABGFC White29/05/2016Pitch 610:30
Churt Juniors FCVBeacon Hill29/05/2016Pitch 510:42
Wey Valley WarriorsVHaslemere Youth29/05/2016Pitch 610:42
Liphook JaguarsVHeadley Falcons29/05/2016Pitch 510:54
East Lodge HurricanesVHeadley Hawks29/05/2016Pitch 610:54
Churt Juniors FCVWey Valley Warriors29/05/2016Pitch 511:06
Beacon HillVHaslemere Youth29/05/2016Pitch 611:06
Liphook JaguarsVHeadley Hawks29/05/2016Pitch 511:18
East Lodge HurricanesVABGFC White29/05/2016Pitch 611:18
Beacon HillVHeadley Falcons29/05/2016Pitch 511:30
Wey Valley WarriorsVEast Lodge Hurricanes29/05/2016Pitch 611:30
Churt Juniors FCVLiphook Jaguars29/05/2016Pitch 511:42
ABGFC WhiteVHaslemere Youth29/05/2016Pitch 611:42
Headley HawksVBeacon Hill29/05/2016Pitch 511:54
Headley FalconsVChurt Juniors FC29/05/2016Pitch 512:06
Wey Valley WarriorsVABGFC White29/05/2016Pitch 612:06

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