Liphook United Annual Summer Tournament 2014

U07 Group A Festival

Liphook United Annual Summer Tournament 2014

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Allianz Insurance plc

In accordance with Football Association
rules, results of the Under 7s Festival are
not published.

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Home TeamVAway TeamDateWhere When
Beacon Hill VipersVLee Rangers Warriors13/07/2014Pitch 109:30
Liphook SharksVGrayshott Dragons13/07/2014Pitch 209:30
Liphook BluesVHeadley Hornets13/07/2014Pitch 509:30
Liphook LionsVLee Rangers Trojans13/07/2014Pitch 109:42
Badshot Lea Warriors VBeacon Hill Vipers13/07/2014Pitch 209:42
FFC DragonsVLiphook Sharks13/07/2014Pitch 509:42
Lee Rangers WarriorsVLiphook Blues13/07/2014Pitch 509:54
Grayshott DragonsVLiphook Lions13/07/2014Pitch 510:06
Headley HornetsVBadshot Lea Warriors 13/07/2014Pitch 510:18
Lee Rangers TrojansVFFC Dragons13/07/2014Pitch 510:30
Beacon Hill VipersVLiphook Blues13/07/2014Pitch 510:42
Liphook SharksVLiphook Lions13/07/2014Pitch 510:54
Lee Rangers WarriorsVHeadley Hornets13/07/2014Pitch 511:06
Grayshott DragonsVLee Rangers Trojans13/07/2014Pitch 511:18
Liphook BluesVBadshot Lea Warriors 13/07/2014Pitch 511:30
Liphook LionsVFFC Dragons13/07/2014Pitch 511:42
Headley HornetsVBeacon Hill Vipers13/07/2014Pitch 511:54
Lee Rangers TrojansVLiphook Sharks13/07/2014Pitch 512:06
Badshot Lea Warriors VLee Rangers Warriors13/07/2014Pitch 512:18
FFC DragonsVGrayshott Dragons13/07/2014Pitch 512:30
Beacon Hill VipersVLiphook Sharks13/07/2014Pitch 512:42
Lee Rangers WarriorsVGrayshott Dragons13/07/2014Pitch 412:54
Headley HornetsVLee Rangers Trojans13/07/2014Pitch 512:54
Badshot Lea Warriors VFFC Dragons13/07/2014Pitch 413:06
Liphook BluesVLiphook Lions13/07/2014Pitch 513:06

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