Liphook United Annual Summer Tournament 2013

U07 Festival

Liphook United Annual Summer Tournament 2013

Sponsored by

Allianz Insurance plc

In accordance with Football Association
rules, results of the Under 7s Festival are
not published.

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Home TeamVAway TeamDateWhere When
Grayshott SparksVHeadley Tempests18/05/2013Pitch 209:15
Headley TyphoonsVRushmoor Saints Eagles18/05/2013Pitch 509:15
MychettVLiss Falcons18/05/2013Pitch 209:27
Liphook HuskiesVPickwick Red18/05/2013Pitch 509:27
East Lodge FCVWey Valley Mustangs18/05/2013Pitch 209:39
Wey Valley WarriorsVLiss Panthers18/05/2013Pitch 509:39
Rushmoor Saints EaglesVLiss Panthers18/05/2013Pitch 209:51
Headley TyphoonsVPickwick Red18/05/2013Pitch 509:51
Liphook HuskiesVWey Valley Warriors18/05/2013Pitch 510:03
Grayshott SparksVEast Lodge FC18/05/2013Pitch 510:15
Wey Valley MustangsVMychett18/05/2013Pitch 510:27
Liss FalconsVHeadley Tempests18/05/2013Pitch 510:39
Liphook HuskiesVLiss Panthers18/05/2013Pitch 510:51
Headley TyphoonsVWey Valley Warriors18/05/2013Pitch 511:03
Rushmoor Saints EaglesVPickwick Red18/05/2013Pitch 511:15
Grayshott SparksVWey Valley Mustangs18/05/2013Pitch 511:27
East Lodge FCVLiss Falcons18/05/2013Pitch 511:39
MychettVHeadley Tempests18/05/2013Pitch 511:51
Headley TyphoonsVLiss Panthers18/05/2013Pitch 512:03
Pickwick RedVWey Valley Warriors18/05/2013Pitch 512:15
Grayshott SparksVLiss Falcons18/05/2013Pitch 412:27
Rushmoor Saints EaglesVLiphook Huskies18/05/2013Pitch 512:27
East Lodge FCVMychett18/05/2013Pitch 412:39
Wey Valley MustangsVHeadley Tempests18/05/2013Pitch 512:39
Liss PanthersVPickwick Red18/05/2013Pitch 412:51
Headley TyphoonsVLiphook Huskies18/05/2013Pitch 512:51
Grayshott SparksVMychett18/05/2013Pitch 413:03
Wey Valley WarriorsVRushmoor Saints Eagles18/05/2013Pitch 513:03
Headley TempestsVEast Lodge FC18/05/2013Pitch 413:15
Liss FalconsVWey Valley Mustangs18/05/2013Pitch 513:15

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