Liphook United Annual Summer Tournament 2011

U07 Group A Festival

Liphook United Annual Summer Tournament 2011

Sponsored by

Allianz Insurance plc

In accordance with Football Association
rules, results of the Under 7s Festival are
not published.

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Home TeamVAway TeamDateWhere When Who
Beacon Hill PythonsVWey Valley Mustangs04/06/2011Pitch 409:30
Liphook BearsVLiss Athletic04/06/2011Pitch 409:42
Liphook VikingsVLiphook Samurai04/06/2011Pitch 409:54
Beacon Hill PythonsVLiphook Bears04/06/2011Pitch 410:06
Wey Valley MustangsVLiphook Vikings04/06/2011Pitch 410:18
Liss AthleticVLiphook Samurai04/06/2011Pitch 410:30
Beacon Hill PythonsVLiphook Vikings04/06/2011Pitch 410:42
Liphook BearsVLiphook Samurai04/06/2011Pitch 410:54
Wey Valley MustangsVLiss Athletic04/06/2011Pitch 411:06
Beacon Hill PythonsVLiphook Samurai04/06/2011Pitch 411:18
Liss AthleticVLiphook Vikings04/06/2011Pitch 411:30
Wey Valley MustangsVLiphook Bears04/06/2011Pitch 411:42
Beacon Hill PythonsVLiss Athletic04/06/2011Pitch 411:54
Wey Valley MustangsVLiphook Samurai04/06/2011Pitch 412:06
Liphook BearsVLiphook Vikings04/06/2011Pitch 412:18

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