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Terry Edwards Fun Day  21


Sunday 11 July saw one of the greatest events in the football calendar: the Liphook United Terry Edwards Fun Day!
And also being World Cup final day, it had to be the Terry Edwards World Cup.

In brilliant sunshine, over 150 Liphook United players converged on Liphook Recreation Ground for some footy fun. Organiser Cristiano Bicknaldo (aka Andy Bicknell) had arranged our own group stage of the World Cup comprising four groups of six teams. In each group, players across a range of ages played together in national teams in a mini soccer tournament.

Group A comprised players from the season's Under 7s, Under 8s and Under 9s; Group B from the Under 9s, Under 10s, Under 11s and Under 12s; Group C from the Under 12s, Under 14s and Under 15s; and Group D from the Under 17s, team managers and the Men's teams.

But it wasn't only the players to have some fun. Parents and helpers participated as referees and national team managers to ensure that the group fixtures ran smoothly. Photos and details of each of the groups follow below.

Afterwards Bicknaldo said, "I'd like to say a very big thank you for the part you all played in making the Terry Edwards World Cup yet another fantastically successful event. It was great to see so many children enjoying the day and also the big kids trying to roll back the years! It is down to a lot of people who have dedicated their personal time which has not only made this an excellent day but also shows that we have the people and the set up which makes us the envy of other clubs for many a mile. We are Liphook United FC and we are dedicated to providing excellence for all of the children and adults who wear the Liphook colours."

Action photos

Action from each group at the 2010 Terry Edwards World Cup
(Photographs by Alexander and Neil Pirie)

Group A

Group A teams:  Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, Slovenia, Portugal and South Africa

Group A winner:  Portugal

Group A runner-up:  South Africa

Group A winners: Portugal

Group A winners: Portugal with manager Carlos Queiroz (aka Mark Angear)
(Photograph by Neil Pirie)

Group A competitors

Group A competitors
(Photograph by Neil Pirie)

Group B

Group B teams:  Brazil, Paraguay, Nigeria, Italy, Ivory Coast and France

Group B winner:  Ivory Coast

Group B runner-up:  Brazil

Group B winners: Ivory Coast

Group B winners: Ivory Coast with manager Sven Göran Eriksson (aka Russell King)
(Photograph by Neil Pirie)

Group C

Group C teams:  Japan, Holland, Spain, Germany, England and New Zealand

Group C winner:  New Zealand

Group C runner-up:  England

Group C winners: New Zealand

Group C winners: New Zealand with manager Ricki Herbert (aka Phil Leigh)
(Photograph by Neil Pirie)

To show that they still had it in them, an All Stars team of club managers challenged the Group C Winner to a match. The All Stars line-up was Gordon Banks Bray, Johan Cruyff Culverhouse, Kenny Dalglish Davis, Franz Beckenbauer Bray Snr., Bobby Moore McCusker, Zinedine Zidane Sharman, Ian Rush Raeyen, Eric Cantona Clue and Francesco Totti Thurgood. However, after a hard fought match and plenty of skirmishes, New Zealand emerged victorious and the All Stars in desperate need of a massage.

New Zealand vs the All Stars at the 2010 Terry Edwards World Cup
(Photographs by Neil Pirie)

Group D

Group D teams:  South Korea, North Korea, Chile, Honduras, Cameroon and Denmark

Group D winner:  South Korea

Group D runner-up:  Honduras

Sorry, we don't have a photo of Group D winner South Korea. The WAGs whisked them off to go shopping!

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Terry Edwards
Action photos
Group A
Group B
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Terry Edwards

In memory of the late Terry Edwards who had been instrumental for a number of years in various capacities within Liphook United Football Club.

Terry Edwards Fun Day

The Terry Edwards Fun Day is an occasion for all Liphook United players and parents to get together to have a bit of fun in our own mini soccer tournament at the end of the season.

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